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The 2011 Pre-World Competition in Uvalde helped to make flight operations as efficient as those at any WGC. Flight Operations Chief David Coggins, who ran operations last summer, spent three weekends with his crew in Houston making 113 ropes. Said Mr. Coggins, “We knew that according to rules, we knew we’d need a maximum of 120. We had 99 planes in the competition, so we ended up with a few extra, which have come in handy.” Coggins also made seven tow bars for rope retrieval, and a special bar attached to the back of his Suburban for dragging the ropes straight during retrieval and for laying them out in the morning.

Todays tasks were rolled back to a "B" version for all classes, ranging from 312km to 354km. Dense cirrus bands SW-NW indicated that legs on the original tasks along the Mexican Border and the longer distances were not called for.

Due to weather conditions, the tasks for today have changed as follows:

Open Class:

FINISH = Total 311.6 km - 2h15'
Good morning again with news from the last WGC 2012 pilots' meeting!

The focus today was on safety and on relating yesterday's accident. As I already posted last night, yesterday afternoon we had a mid-air collision between 2 gliders: FB - Louis Bouderlique from France and PC - Peter Hartmann from Austria, both flying ASG-29 in 15 m class. Peter bailed out off his glider and rode his parachute safe to the ground while Louis was able to fly safe back to Uvalde escorted by 2 German pilots, Susanne Schoedel (SE) and David Bauder (EI). He called his team captain immediately after getting safe to the ground describing what happened and saying that he was okay. It was a big relief to everyone to learn that we were dealing only with the need to retrieve a pilot from a remote area, and not with an emergency. Susanne and David, that witnessed the accident, reported to the airport the location of the Austrian pilot and glider and also flew together with Louis back. They proved to be extraordinary colleagues giving up flying the competition for helping a fellow pilot and reporting to the HQ. Everybody today admired their behaviour in an emergency situation.
SuzanneFB and David

Louis and David (left) and Susanne (right).
Good morning on Day 13 at the WGC!

Today is the last competition day and a moderate one as task lenght. Today is also the day we will know the winners and we will have the farewell party! A lot of things happening today.

The weather presents a threat of middle to high clouds due to the thunderstorms North of us, this possibly affecting the launch. Lift conditions will be "fine" to the South (5-7 knots in the afternoon hours). We will have gusts of wind in the early evening at Uvalde.

The tasks are assigned area tasks today. Grid time 12:10, first launch scheduled for 12:40.

Open Class:
FINISH = Total 436.3 km - 3h00'

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Weather today is a little more uncertain.  There is a boundary of unstable air mass lying across the northern task area.  There is mid level cloud intrusion from the NW almost to Uvalde and greater instability in the sea breeze front to our SE.  Tasking is confined to the southern
Wx. should be uniformly good over entire contest site with no significant threat of sea breeze intrusion. Launches a little earlier and probably blue initially, but good cu development later.  Racing tasks for all classes using N. task area early with all classes making final turns in SE and and

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The entry fees for the WGC 2012 are $975 per pilot, $75 per tow/launch and $25 per self-launch. All payments should be made in US
For those that wish to enter before the on-line system is up, you can email the contest director with your

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